Better Leg Circulation is just a Click Away

The Original Automatic Leg Mover

Soothe Pain & Stimulate Healthy Leg Circulation

Turn sitting, resting and watching TV into an effective and healthy passive exercise!

Reduce Swelling in your Legs, Ankles & Feet

Place your feet, select your speed and just sit back and relax

Naturally Stimulate Healthy Circulation Through Movement

It's like having a Physical Therapist right in your own Home!

Stagnant Blood Circulates out of Your Legs

And Back up to Your Heart

Pacemaker & ICD Safe 
Natural Drug-Free Way to...
• Stimulate Leg Circulation
• Reduce Swelling in your Legs, Ankles & Feet
• Strengthen Legs Weakened due to Inactivity
• Alleviate Leg & Foot Cramps
• Soothe Leg Pain, and Calm Restless Legs
Here's how it works...
First, it aligns your body and legs in the proper position for healthy circulation, then while in that perfect position, it moves your legs back and forth up to 4200 times per hour simulating a 1.7-mile walk. It's electric and motorized, so it moves your legs for you while you sit back and relax, this is similar to how a physical therapist moves your legs for you.

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