LegXercise MAX

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The easiest Exercise You Will ever Do:
Turn sitting, resting and watching TV into an effective and healthy passive exercise!


  • MAX is 23% faster than the Original LegXercise
  • 1.6 KM worth of steps per hour
  • Faster and more Powerful Motor & Power Supply

LegXercise MAX is the easy-to-use, automatic leg mover that uses continuous movement to soothe pain and promote healthy circulation the natural drug-free way! It's patented Walking Simulator Propulsion Technology moves your feet back and forth along its motion track creating constant movement and flex at the KNEE JOINTS, this helps stimulate healthy circulation! It's like having a physical therapist right in your own home!

LegXercise MAX is the Natural, Drug free way to:

  • Soothe pain and discomfort
  • Reduce swelling in your legs, ankles & feet
  • and Stimulate Healthy blood flow

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