Ellipse by LegXercise

The Most Advanced Seated Motorized Elliptical
Strengthen & Tone your Legs
Increase your Mobility
Stimulate Leg Circulation
Reduce Swelling in your Legs
• Passively Burn Calories
Alleviate Leg Cramps
Calm Restless Legs
Loosen Stiff Leg Joints
Relax & Soothe your Muscles

Ultra Smooth Movement that's 
Super Easy on your Joints
All other motorized seated ellipticals have a small and toyish rotational diameter that's jerkey and hard on your hips, knees and ankles while providing almost no benefit. That's why we created Ellipse with a 46% larger Rotational Diameter than any other seated elliptical in the world, this provides more Exercise and Range of Motion that's also Super Low Impact, Ultra Smooth and Feels Great!

Price $299.99
Sale $249.94

Product Features

Effortless Power Assisted Movement
Free your mind to Enjoy your Favorite seated Activities
Forward & Reverse Movement to Work different Muscles
Wireless Remote Included 

Three Speeds in Each Direction
(Low, Medium, and High)

Super Quiet Operation
Perfect for Home or Under your Desk at the Office
Step Counter so that you can Keep
Track of what you have Accomplished
Ergonomic Comfort Remote Control

Ultra Smooth Range of Motion that’s easy on your joints