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Introducing Pétale, the original ultra-premium luxury ceramic straightening brush, that can easily style, straighten, remove frizz, ponytail indentations, and bed hair lumps in as little as just 3 minutes!! However long it takes you to straighten your hair now…... with Pétale you can effortlessly do it up to 10 times faster.

Unlike flat irons that burn, pull, and destroy your hair leaving it flat and lifeless, Pétale is safe for everyday use and will quickly bring your hair to life, giving it body, volume, bounce and a healthy, gorgeous, luminous shine!

First, gently glide Pétale through your hair as it’s large ceramic heated surface releases millions of negative ions that relax even the frizziest, thickest, waviest, or curliest hair. Then, Pétale’s large 4D Thermal Ceramic surface allows you to straighten large sections of hair in a single brushstroke! The instant your hair comes in contact with Pétale’s 48 thermal ceramic bristles, your hair gets surrounded by gentle heat that brings your hair’s natural oils to the surface, sealing and protecting the hair while locking in moisture. The result, soft, shiny, silky smooth, just left the salon, gorgeous hair!


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